Best Photo Final


I really liked this photograph for many different reasons, and that’s why I chose this as my favorite photo that I’ve taken this whole semester. One of the reasons is because Christmas is my favorite Holiday. But really, how Cliche, I know… Another reason that I like this picture is because of the contrast of colors. From the green of the tree and red, silver of the ornament. Another reason that I find this picture to be my best is because of the position of the ornament in the photograph. I like how it obviously follows the Rule Of Thirds and the leading lines go straight to the nice, Christmasy round ball in the left of the picture. The regular Christmas lights also make the picture come together because, what is Christmas without lights? Am I right? The shiny areas on the ornament helped too because with the flash of my camera it really reflected off of the area. The areas around the ornament also are regularly blurred out which make the photo look calmer too, and more sentimental.


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