Leading Lines Final


What are the leading lines in this picture? 

The leading lines in this picture show off many different places where your eye can meet. With me, you can see that the seagull and the wooden posts emerging from the water are where the leading lines show up most. Since the wooden posts are bigger and a darker color, that’s where my eyes went to with one look.

Does this picture represent the rule of thirds effect?  Why? 

This picture shows the Rule Of Thirds because of the leading lines. Usually, when you use the Rule Of Thirds you make sure that the leading lines are present too. In this picture, for me, the leading lines lead to both the seagull and the wooden posts, like the previous question/answer.

What horizontal lines can you describe? 

For me the horizontal lines are the seagull’s reflection on the surface of the water and the start of where the boats bottom’s are just floating over the water.


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