Daffodil picture Questions


Is this picture an example of framing? Why or why not?

The picture not an example of framing because if it was the whole outside of the picture would be most likely the same. In this picture you can easily see the framing at the bottom of the photo with the flower’s stems but, like I pointed out, this doesn’t go all the way around the photograph.

Is there balance in this picture? Why?

There is balance in this picture because of the proper balance. On both sides of the picture there are mostly the same colors. On the bottom there is green while by the top of the photograph is either white and or the yellow/orange of the flowers.

Does it follow the Rule Of Thirds? How can you tell?

This picture does follow the Rule Of Thirds because of the balance of this photo. Since everything/everywhere is mostly the same on the other side, it keeps the leading lines the same. I can also tell because of the symmetrical proportions.


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