Wk12: Cafeteria 10 Best Pics

Overall Story: Everyone from South Salem High School will no and remember seeing these things whether it was lunch time or you were just passing by one day. You might remember studying at a round table or discussing funny jokes while eating your lunch with your group. Some might of looked at the clock to see how much longer lunch was, or some might of pressed the buttons on a vending machine to get something to drink. Either way, people made memories in the lunch room of South Salem High School that they might now have if they were at a different school.




DSCF9317 I wanted a person to look at this picture and remember where this exact water fountain is located at and remember the structure of the building. I remember that in Freshman year I would sit at the table right in front of this exact water fountain .I like this picture because of the effects that the light coming threw the windows is shown in the left of the area.



INSIDETABLEWP I want to be able to let people look at this picture and remember their times sitting around a round table during lunch or even studying. I, personally, would sit with a group around a table exactly like this and stay random things and just have fun while eating.I liked the simplicity of this picture since it didn’t need to be set up or manipulated in anyway.

FLAGSWP Since these are hanging from the ceiling of the main lunch room, I wanted to show people all these flags that symbolizes all of the countries that we have had people study here at South Salem High School. it shows that we are a multi-cultural school and accept everyone no mater their ethnicity or beliefs. I remember meeting people from different countries and getting to know them while becoming great friends with them. I liked this picture because it showed the flags in an order that’re easily spread out and you can actually see them all.




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