Wednesday Eu-Mak: Worth Your Tears


I’m not in the mood of tears but really, I see tears almost daily from my son. But is his tears worth my sympathy? Sometimes… You know how adorable kids using you with tears? Yes, I fall into that trap one day and now, every single thing that did not go against his wishes, he will cry. But I have gotten way better lately in reading him. I am sure every mothers in the world know how to differentiate between real and fake tears. So which one really worth your tears? Annyeong yeoreobun, it is another Wednesday and we are slowly, slowly nearing to the last phase of 2014. This year has been a real struggle for everybody. Some struggles worth tearing up, and some struggles simply knock your socks off. In the Korean music industry, for example, this year is extremely harsh. There were news of death, group member…

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