Wk11: Photography Outlook Reflection

          Photographers take photos to help images stay alive longer than they would be in real time and even tells a story. They capture events to record history. Photographers need creativity and correct technique to take good pictures and get noticed from them. Photographers can enhance the light by just a single angle change too. They even use other equipment such as filters, lenses and flash to capture a different feeling in the picture. There are different types of Photographers through, from Portrait to Abstract Photographers, they give you simple differences that make them a kind of Photographer. Usually, to become a Photographer, you need a education, like all other jobs. Education includes a college degree in Photography which covers different styles of Photography that can be used in Photojournalism and even through the news. And then finally after several years of experience, magazine and news photographers could have the chance to get promoted to better heights in their job line and even could get noticed. In 2008, 52,000 jobs needed a photographer to take photos weather it was just recording an even or having a co-worker portrait taken. And, the job line of how many photographers the world will have will grow tremendously over the next couple of years. Because of this statistic, the competition will rise and people will be battling to try to keep their company. Photographers are used for many different reasons, and they also need a good eye and patience to become a good money earning Photographer.


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