Wk7: Assignment #2

In the photo U.S. Marines/Navy taken by Joe Ronsenthal on February 23, 1945 in the location of Iwo Jima, the leading lines in this picture are the ones in the bottom right where the flag is getting put up. To me, the framing of this photo is the clouds in the background because of the way that the clouds come out in the film. It shows that the sky is a darker gray, but the framing starts at the place where there’s the whiter looking clouds. The rule of thirds kind of applies to this picture. Looking more closely at it you can see that most of the men in this picture are in the middle, but the more important parts are on the right where a third would be. The balance of this photo is obviously in-formal because of how each side is different. The selective focus are the men and the flag that is being put up. The horizon line in this photo can also be the clouds that lead you to the picture. It helps your eyes go straight to the flag and the men. The lighting in this picture is nice, but since it’s a black and white photo the exposure should of been higher so the men could appear lighter.


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