Wk7: Critique Famous Photographs

Photo 1(Hindenburg): The name of this photograph is Hindenburg taken by Murray Becker in 1937. The background that you can see just by looking at the picture is that it was tragedy due to the smoke taking up most of the space in the picture. the center interest of this picture is the blimp (Hindenburg) crashing down in flames and smoke. The wasted parts of this picture is probably the bottom left, where all you can see is a simple person standing there and the line that connects itself to the blimp. The background, to me, adds to the picture because you can see that the sky behind it is very nice and clean looking while the area around the fallen blimp is filled with smoke. The photo seems exposed properly but to me the background looks not as clear. The photo, hopefully to many people, is emotional in the sense of not knowing if there were any people hurt in the accident. This is considered important in America because it was a disaster that’s still known, sort of like the Titanic. My personal feelings of this photo are that it’s a  shame that there was so much destruction. I feel sad about how the reactions were at that time and I don’t even know if there were people operating the blimp while it exploded.

Photo 2(The Kiss): The name of this photograph is The Kiss photographed by Anonymous on VJ Day at Times Square in 1945. The background of the picture shows the happiness of the people and a set up kind of like a parade happening. You can also tell that this picture is old just by looking at how the people are dressed. The center interest of this photo is obviously the kiss right in the middle which shows a navy man embracing with a young women. The wasted parts of this picture is, to me, nothing. I think that all of the people in the background give off the vibe of “it’s over” and a celebration since this way it enhances it. The background adds to the picture because, like I’ve explained before, you can see the parade and or celebration taking place and how the people are showing off happy emotions. The photo is exposed perfectly to me whether it’s the background of the picture or the center of interest, the quality is very good. The picture is emotional just because you can pick out the emotions that are in the picture like happiness and maybe even some love. The photo is considered important to America because it was right after World War II was over. It was a happy time and you felt carefree. My personal feelings of this picture are that I have not much to say other than that I wouldn’t want to be the center of attention in a photo like this.

Photo 3(Migrant Mother): This photographs name is Migrant Mother taken by Dorothea Lange in 1936 during the Great Depression. The background of this picture that you can see is the type of shack looking shelter that the mother is holding her two kids on either side. The center of interest in this photograph is obviously the sad looking mother with the two kids. There are not wasted part of this picture because most of it is taken up. The background neither adds nor subtracts from the photos story since it’s just a rock looking wall. The photo is exposed nicely since you can see most details though the background in the top left is more blurred. This picture had emotions and you can see the look in the mothers eyes and even the body language of the mother and children. This is important to America because of  when it was taken which ins during The Great Depression when the world went into low economy. My personal feelings of this picture are that I loved how the photographer enhanced the photo by using the mother and her two children as her muses. Showing the world what was happening to families not only in the bigger cities but also in the middle of the country.

Photo 4(Omaha Beach): This picture does not have a name but it does have a photographer which is Robert Capa in 1944 during the battle on Omaha Beach in Normandy, France. The background shows in this picture soldiers in the war and the battlefield. In this picture there really isn’t a huge noticeable center of the interest but you could say that it is the soldier that is on the ground in the middle bottom of the picture. There are many wasted parts in this picture but it makes sense to have that much included since the battle is spontaneous and you don’t really know what will happen next. The background adds to the war-like feel of the picture from the water and soldiers to the boats in the background. The photo is not exposed properly but I can understand because I know that there probably is loud noise since a battle is taking place. This photo is emotional because usually you know the history of this. At this period of time the war was going on which meant there were many people that died during the war and even people that weren’t really apart of the war were effected by it too. This photo is important to America because it’s apart of a war that if we would of lost it would of ended up badly hurting our Economy. My personal feelings of this photo is that I wouldn’t want to be there and since I already have witnessed/seen this photo numerous amounts of times I find it emotionally the same. It’s pretty sad, but it’s realistic, this is our history and we should all except that yes people had died, but it was in the presence of honor.


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