Wk 6: Mona Lisa

The Mona Lisa has lots of photographic properties in it that we can all learn about Photography. First of all, the composition of the piece has a ground breaking difference in it for being such an old portrait. Leonardo used a pyramidal composition, which uses her base of her arms and hands which help form by her eyes and smile. This photo can also teach you about how to use a background effectively. Such as the portrait of Mona Lisa, the background can have small details but then have the face and body cover up and use most of the space. Also, have the background blurred, so the viewer’s eyes can focus straight on the person. You can use Lighting to help the depth of the picture and have better dimension while using lack of shadow. Clothing can highlight the face and the skin tone also, which can add even more depth to the picture. You can use framing to help with the clothing and highlighting. Mystery is used to well, add mystery and speculation. Even if the people back in the day knew who Mona Lisa was, make the people years from now that don’t know her try to understand who she was by just a portrait

If I were to set-up a portrait picture I would try to use all of the thins that the Mona Lisa has in it. Such as using a shape to line up the picture. Also, I would try to blur out the background to add a different effect on the picture so that it could capture the person and lead your eye to focus on the subject of the portrait. I would try to use lighting to touch up certain linings of the picture. I wouldn’t mind what type of clothing they would wear but I would think if it was darker clothing with lighter skin then the framing of the person could help with the highlighting. I also wouldn’t mind if there was mystery in the picture but I guess you could somehow add to the portrait that way.


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