WK4: Photo Techinques

Photo 1: Rule of thirds fit with the two background objects on both lines. The balance in this picture is in-formal because each side of the picture is not the same. The selective focus is the raindrops that stand out. The leading lines are the raindrops imprint’s that roll down the glass. Lighting is used in the background in the top left corner of the picture with the sun. There is grouping by the raindrops. The horizon line is present by having the two background objects standing out from the sun and lighting. There is also framing because there is a reflection of the building.

Photo 2: In this picture the rule of thirds is incorporated by the two boats on either side of the intersections. The balance in this picture is both in-formal because they aren’t exactly the same and formal because of the two boats looking the same. There really isn’t much of a selective focus in this picture but you can tell the photographer wants you to look at the boats. Leading lines in this picture are more of the water line, taking you to the boats resting on the water. Lighting is used by having a effect of the sun falling over the boats and then a shadow on the right hand side. Grouping isn’t really present, but you could say that it’s the multiple boats. The horizon line of the photo are the gray clouds in the background. There is no framing in this photo unless you think that the sun falling over a small amount of space ,which the boats are included in, is a sign of framing.

Photo 3: The rule of thirds rule is broken here, since the boat is in the exact middle. There is a formal balance because both sides of the boat are equal or the same. The boat in the middle is obviously the selective focus of this picture. Leading lines in this picture can be multiple things like the clouds, top of the trees, and the ropes that hook up the boat with the dock. The lighting in this picture is the sun and it’s used by overcasting a part of the boat from an angle. There is no grouping in this picture. The horizon line can be multiple things also, just like the leading lines or the ropes, clouds in the sky and tops of the tress in the background. And, there is no framing in this photo.

Photo 4: The rule of thirds does fit this picture because of the sun in the top left of the picture positioned on a point of intersection. There is a informal balance because both of the sides are different, one having the sun and the other one having just boats. I would think that the selective focus of this picture was nothing, but you could also say that it was the sun. The leading lines of this photo has to be the water, that’s positioned in about the lower third. There is lighting by the sun, which is also the main focus of this picture. The multiple boats that are in the background but are also kind of the focus of the picture are a grouping. The horizon line is both the stop of the sky at the trees where the boat pillars are lined up or the water that the boats are floating on. Finally, there is no framing of this picture that is shown.


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