WK4: Technique

Rule of Thirds: Main focus is on the intersection of the lines. Upper left part is the main part of the picture. (Tells you where to look) Use rule of thirds because that’s where the human eye focuses to and the picture can seem more balanced. It’s a natural way of viewing pictures and helps to create dynamic compositions.

Balance: -Informal or “asymmetrical”  Balance is uneven or unequal balance. Objects have nearly off balance yet still a balance photograph. -Formal or “symmetrical” Balance. Similar shape, texture, and value contrast.

Selective Focus: A type of shot that tells the reader what they are going to look at. the thing that’s closest to the camera is focus while the background is not. Shallow depth of field to show you to look at the focused piece photographed.

Leading Lines: Draw the viewer’s eyes to the point of interest or help create the illusion of depth and/or distance in a composition. Tell you where to look.

Lighting: Adds a dramatic effect in a photograph. Usually you want the light source behind you. There are different techniques of lighting such as “Backlighting”, “Floor-lighting”, and “Side-lighting”.

Grouping: Three or more people or objects. Usually stationary and posed while looking at lens. Positioning people or objects in layers will crate the illusion of “depth”.

Horizon Line/ Wide Depth of Field: Can be high or low on what you emphasize. Allows you to gather more detail. Use horizon lines to your advantage.

Framing: Creates an illusion of depth and draws the viewer’s eyes to the focal point of interest. Photographing through something else.

PICTURE REVIEW: This picture fits the rule of thirds correctly with the Washington Monument and the bench that are along the intersections of the center. This photograph is a Informal Balance because both of the sides are not the same but they are both the same sort of weight. This is not a selective photo because everything is focused. There is not a leading light because it does not tell you where to look. The lighting source is to the top left. There is not a grouping on the picture either since there are only two main objects to look at. There is a Horizontal line where the road is.


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