WK3: Critique

Photo 1: The center purpose of this picture is the meat getting cut. The photographer placed in the bottom of the frame of interest. The photographer did a good job with not zooming the photo in too much and not having it too far out. Because of that, there are no wasted parts in this picture and the elements of people working in the meat place doesn’t really add a message. Maybe if the people in it were smiling that might add a different mood to this photo yet, that doesn’t happen. The background is necessary to this photograph because of the subjects in it. They all relate to meat and the place the people in it work. I don’t really think this photo, in my opinion, has a real message behind it. The subjects in this picture are slightly unfocused, but that’s because there is probably movement going on at the time of the photo being taken. The photograph is in perfect lighting and doesn’t have unnecessary lights in the background either. To me, I probably wouldn’t take this photo. This is because the subject doesn’t relate to me in any way and because I don’t find a interest in it. Knowing the back story of this photo, this is probably a humorous photo. If you didn’t hear the background though, I would think it was telling a story about what butchers do to meat. If I had the chance to take this picture, I would of used a different filter. Maybe try to make it look like it was taken back in the day with a black and white filter. Also, I might of tried to manipulate the people in the picture to pose differently. Like the people in the background. I would want them to look up also and take a nice photo.

Photo 2: This photo doesn’t really have a center of interest. The center of image is most the very bottom, where it focuses on the building. The photographer did a good job with placing the building in a nice place where the background works well with it. And the elements used in this picture makes it more beautiful in a way. The background of this photo offers more light to be filtered in and I actually like the sun there. The sun adds to the photo because of it’s beauty. the subjects in here look just right and they are all in focus. The photo might be a bit too dark but it looks somehow good that way. I like how the sun in the background kind of peeks out from the building. This, to me, is an emotional shot. This is because of the look and the over all mood of this picture is light and ominous. I probably would of tried a different angle but make sure that I would have the sun also in the background.

Photo 3: the center of image in this photo is more the baseball player swinging the bat. The photographer placed the subject in the left side of the frame. The photographer didn’t get that close to the baseball player and because of that the crowd in the background makes the photo different. The background distracts you from the over all point of this picture because of the people’s faces. The subject in this photo isn’t that focused but, the lighting in the photo looks nice and makes it look more colorful. I like this photo because of the subject in it. This shot is a story of the baseball player playing in the game. If I had the chance to take this picture I would try to focus more on the baseball player and zoom in. I would try to take out most of the people in the background because to me they are distracting and taking away the baseball players spotlight.


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