WK3: Photography Vocab.

Shutter: Opening and closing of a film in a camera.

Automatic mode: Digital camera that are more efficient to daily life than other older camera inventions.

Aperture: An opening.

Scene modes: Different kinds of programs that will help you focus in the day, night or different situations that you want to capture.

Programmed mode: Either an input or and output that can be combined with other modes that will help you capture the effect that you want to use.

Exposure: In contact with something, out in the open.

Overexposure: Too much of something out in the open.

Underexposure: Something that has to be a little more out in the open.

Shutter-priority mode: Can chose a specific type of speed of how fast the picture is captured.

Aperture-priority mode: Allows the camera to take a specific value of speed to use.

Manual mode: Can set the speed and mode for better effects.

Image sensor: Simulation to an electrical signal.

ISO: Can indicate light and how it expands to capture the image of the picture being shot.

Depth Of Field: A distance between the judgement of the subjects being captured by a picture.

Sharpness: The quality of how the photo is viewed.

f-stops: A setting in a camera to a f-number.

Lens: Concentrates on particular light rays to magnify and capture objects.


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