WK2: Critique



“Lochness Monster Photograph”

From close observation of this photo you can tell that this photo was taken awhile ago because of the Black and White print. This is supposed to be a photograph of the Lochness Monster, which was taken by a respected  British Surgeon, Colonel Robert Wilson who said that he had taken the picture. For years this photo was the best evidence that the monster was real. There were many controversies that this photo was fake because of Stewart Campbell that concluded that the monster in the water was only about 3 to 4 feet long and probably a sea otter. But, it turned out that the animal was not an animal after all and no other marine life looked like it- rather, it was a toy submarine with a sea serpent head attached to it. In 1994, 90 year old Christian Spurling, confessed to his involvement to create “The Surgeon’s Photo”.

“In the original version of the image the diminutive size of the Nessie model in relationship to the Loch can be seen. (The dark band along the top of the picture is the opposite side of the Loch.) The image given to the media was cropped to hide this perspective, making the “monster” appear larger than it actually was.” -http://hoaxes.org/photo_database/image/the_surgeons_photo




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