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Kyuuketsuki no Uruwashiki Kekkon

Leading Lines Final


What are the leading lines in this picture? 

The leading lines in this picture show off many different places where your eye can meet. With me, you can see that the seagull and the wooden posts emerging from the water are where the leading lines show up most. Since the wooden posts are bigger and a darker color, that’s where my eyes went to with one look.

Does this picture represent the rule of thirds effect?  Why? 

This picture shows the Rule Of Thirds because of the leading lines. Usually, when you use the Rule Of Thirds you make sure that the leading lines are present too. In this picture, for me, the leading lines lead to both the seagull and the wooden posts, like the previous question/answer.

What horizontal lines can you describe? 

For me the horizontal lines are the seagull’s reflection on the surface of the water and the start of where the boats bottom’s are just floating over the water.

General question Finals

Who created a lens factory in Germany that is still in operation?

Carl Zeiss

What does aperture do? 

At the lens opening, the lens works out how much light passes through onto the film inside when the shutter is opened during exposure.

Daffodil picture Questions


Is this picture an example of framing? Why or why not?

The picture not an example of framing because if it was the whole outside of the picture would be most likely the same. In this picture you can easily see the framing at the bottom of the photo with the flower’s stems but, like I pointed out, this doesn’t go all the way around the photograph.

Is there balance in this picture? Why?

There is balance in this picture because of the proper balance. On both sides of the picture there are mostly the same colors. On the bottom there is green while by the top of the photograph is either white and or the yellow/orange of the flowers.

Does it follow the Rule Of Thirds? How can you tell?

This picture does follow the Rule Of Thirds because of the balance of this photo. Since everything/everywhere is mostly the same on the other side, it keeps the leading lines the same. I can also tell because of the symmetrical proportions.

Best Photo Final


I really liked this photograph for many different reasons, and that’s why I chose this as my favorite photo that I’ve taken this whole semester. One of the reasons is because Christmas is my favorite Holiday. But really, how Cliche, I know… Another reason that I like this picture is because of the contrast of colors. From the green of the tree and red, silver of the ornament. Another reason that I find this picture to be my best is because of the position of the ornament in the photograph. I like how it obviously follows the Rule Of Thirds and the leading lines go straight to the nice, Christmasy round ball in the left of the picture. The regular Christmas lights also make the picture come together because, what is Christmas without lights? Am I right? The shiny areas on the ornament helped too because with the flash of my camera it really reflected off of the area. The areas around the ornament also are regularly blurred out which make the photo look calmer too, and more sentimental.

Finals Critique


I learned by Critiquing this picture that the Greyscale used on the photograph makes it look more interesting than the actual picture. Because of the lighting used in this picture, with color it makes the colors of the leaves bland. Also, the texture of this picture is shown through it. You can see that the texture of the moss on the left of the picture looks different than the leaves in the rest of the picture. This is also improper balance because of the way that both sides of the frame is taken.

Finals Red Eye


Finals Greyscale


Finals Altered


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